Here is what some clients are saying about how they’ve benefited from health coaching:

“My health coach has given me a life jacket. My coach, like the life jacket, kept my head above the uncertainty and sometimes murky waters of cancer.  Doctors work diligently to save our bodies, my health coach works diligently to save our lives. She is giving us the tools,  to not just live in cancer, but to THRIVE  through cancer.”

Beth DeBlase, NET Patient

“The coaching process was remarkably beneficial! When my cancer load increased, and the painful and disruptive symptoms undermined my resiliency and quality of life, my coach helped me set new goals and manifest them one by one. From exercise and meditation to dietary changes, these lifestyle corrections vastly improved my health and well-being during a difficult time. I could not have accomplished so much without it!”

— NM, NET patient

“Health Coaching helped me move through a very difficult time in my journey with cancer. It was the support I needed to regain my energy and motivation. I recommend Health Coaching to anyone who wants to build physical, mental and/or emotional strength while struggling with illness.”

— Mary Zoeller, NET patient

“Health coaching helped me identify my roadblocks, pointed me in the right direction for valuable resources and tools, opened new doors, and provided me with action steps to help me make the changes I wanted to make. Thanks to health coaching, I have become a healthier and happier person.”

— Pam Wagner, NET patient

“I have been blessed to receive care from world class doctors and nurses at centers of excellence for Neuroendocrine cancer. Now I realize that the very best medical and pharmaceutical expertise is vastly enhanced by qualified Health Coaching, which addresses the emotional and motivational components of managing a life-threatening disease.”

— NM, NET patient

“I would recommend the Health Coaching program for anyone looking for an avenue to deepen their self- introspection and awareness, their personal gratitude and their relationship with themselves and in turn others in their lives.”   Health Coaching provided me with the motivation to concentrate on the aspects of my life that have been adversely affected by my health situation.  My goal was to learn to manage the psychological, social and personal struggles associated with my PNET in a more productive and positive way.  The Health Coaching Program did just this.”

— Mary Donlevy, NET patient

I want to thank you for all your advice, guidance and encouragement. It was an amazing experience that I continue to value and cherish daily. Your coaching techniques have been so helpful and clearly inspiring. Once again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Luisa G, medical professional